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Santiago Carballo a new era..

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The arrival of Santi Carballo’s new BW019 collection, heralds the beginning of an exciting new era for the fashion label; an era of dynamic modernisation and redesign, creating, in its wake, a new image, and with it, a fabulous new line of glorious and uniquely handcrafted handbags.

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But before we take a look at the new and improved brand and its inaugural BW019 collection, let’s take a journey into the past, to see how this accessories designer and master craftsman turned his passion into his trade, in an impressive career spanning 25 years.

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It was in 1998 that Santi Carballo first opened a workshop, combining his University studies with his passion for leather to create a unique brand and then a fashion boutique, which quickly earned a reputation for products done well, created by hand and with a sincere openness to design innovation.

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Since the early days, the brand has gone from strength to strength, becoming known for the exclusivity of its creations of exceptional quality, craftsmanship, design and material, combinating originality and functionality in each new collection. Continued innovation, growth and learning has ensured this brand evolved with the trends.

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But let’s get back to the latest collection, BW019. Speaking exclusively about his new collection, Santi Carballo explains that it is influenced by his passion for black and white – a concept which has always haunted the designer – and to him personally, represents the constant search for balance. The balance between design and craft, between contemporary fashion and traditional practices or aesthetics, between day and night, formal and informal and finally the quest for equilibrium between the strong and delicate.

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And because each of the unique bags in this collection represent the balance of various moments and experiences, the collection itself is extremely flexible and versatile, perfect for both day and night, formal and casual, retro funky yet modern, dynamic and fun while at the same time elegant, timeless and classic. The fanny-pack for example is a perfect accessory for both daytime and evening or night wear, the handbag could be a fetish piece, while also exuding an air of elegance and sophistication, while the versatile backpack seamlessly transforms into a briefcase of a handbag.

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Using an exterior of white leather with digital printing, and an interior of serrated suede, inspiration always comes first from the material itself and every other part of the collection from the dimensions, trimmings and finishes depends on it.

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And although this new collection is not the first time that Carballo has used the black and white concept to capture the process of change, BW019 marks the beginning of a new stage in the modernisation of the brand.

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