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Calender of  Events: 2019

Calender  events showcasing our chosen designers and concepts for shop and online in 2018-2019

Phoebe English

Jamie Wei Huang

Sustainable Fashion

Emerging Talent - TenerifeModa

ARN Cultural Pride


Style Clash - IslaBonitaModa

Haute Couture

Swimwear - GCMC


January 2019 - GRADUATES

We wanted to start with two promising and talented designers that we spotted during 2018. Despina Chatzidakis that we picked out of Graduate Fashion Weeks´talented showcase, and Imanol Cruz

December 2018 - WONDERLAND

As the year comes to a finish at Fashion Space, we wanted to create our own kind of WONDERLAND, one full of Sparkle and Colour. So to showcase this magical world, we chose PEDRO PALMAS for sparkle and sequins and NESTOR RODRIGUEZ PRET A PORTER for colour and sharpness.

November 2018 - were travelling to Brussels for the IIDE

The month of November Fashion Space will makes its first pop-up outside the Canary Islands, the selected place is in Brussels, Belgium. The event will be held in a unique enclave  iide is the selected place , The International Interior Design Exhibition.There you can find new collections of national and international designer artists. The event will be done during the Sat, 17 Nov 2018 to Sun, 25 Nov 2018, 17:00 CET. Remember to buy your ticket. If you can not attend the event, don’t forget to check out our online store ,where we will publish The new pieces 

April - May 2018 - " #Who Made My Clothes", Savia De Oro.

Spring means renewal and we can't think of a better way to start than with Fashion Revolution.org. Quote "We also love fashion but we dont want fashion to come at the cost of people or are our planet".  Savia de Oro is a new lingerie brand, whose signature is delicate,  sensual and feminine.   Founder Ivana Viña Oro, utilises hand-dyed quality fabrics using different artisanal techniques. All her pieces are individually made and in  the dying process  the colour is extracted  directly from the sap of plants and flowers. All her paints and organic inks are ellaborated  by non-toxic processes.  Sign up for dyeing and customisation workshops at Fashion Space Shop by Ivana this October.


December 2017 - "An Introduction from Russia..."  "из России с любовью"

A Pop Show room curated by  London Based  Russian designers Veronica Basharatyan and Marianna Molchanova .  Both designers currently work and show internationally and travel  the world with their renown Style Notes showroom.

November 2017  Catriona Hanley

London based Irish designer Catriona Hanly studied her craft at Central St Martin’s in London and The Barbara Bourke College of Fashion in Dublin.  Her fashion collections have made waves both in Ireland, the UK and the US and her stand-out creative designs also caught the attention of celebrities worldwide. Catriona’s signature ‘collars and cuffs’ detailing is a consistent trait across all collections bringing strong continuity through each season’s story.    Luxury also undulates at the centre of each collection conveyed by the designer’s trademark eye for fabrics, colour and texture. 

October 2017 Wilfried Pletzinger

The fashion designer Wilfried Pletzinger upcycles apparel.  This means he re-designes and upgrades existing garmets.  He develops individual designs out of sportswear. – taking original designs to create sophisticated, wearable fashion with personality and sex appeal.  He refuses to accept any inherent limits found in the original pieces’ patterns, forms, or material. Wilfried Peltzinger is fascinated by the challenge of developing something new, glamorous and contemporary while drawing inspiration beyond just retro, vintage or copycat style.

September 2017 Pedro Palmas

Spanish designer Pedro Palmas creates outstanding ready to wear and couture womenswear and divine swimwear for men and women. Pedro’s collections show his interest in geometric cuts punched with that wow factor that only he knows how to produce. For his womenswear collections he loves designing for all kinds of women, creating collections for women who are sensual, elegant, daring and very feminine. He says he designs for women to whom dressing is a way of expressing themselves, especially wearing clothes that they enjoy and changes them from their ordinary day to day, since in the end they are the ones that make the collection triumph and a creation transcend.

August  2017 Paco Naya & Gisela Dorta - Beton Brut

Tenerife-based designers Gisela Dorta Melo and Francisco Medina (Paco Naya) have collaborated on a contemporary and one-off collection called ‘Betin Brut’. This avant-garde collection is inspired by the smooth concrete architectural aesthetic of Beton Brut, used frequently during the Brutalist architecture movement of the 1950’s and 60’s. Created for both men and women, the unisex collection featuresinteresting and unusual pieces which use different textures to create volume and movement. This is made possible through the use of contrasting prints and layering of differentmaterials. The result is a collection which offers the unconventional while still adapting to the present market.